Lemon Chicken, Potatoes and Zucchini

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Tri Tip

Head Chef
Jan 30, 2010
Costa Mesa CA
Soaked the chicken breasts in Italian dressing. Coated with lemon and herb seasoning. Squeezed fresh lemon juice on em throughout the cook. Cut the red potatoes into quarters and par boiled. Then brushed with olive oil. Put on some Lawry’s garlic seasoning and parmesan. Zucchini was coated with olive oil and hit with Butcher BBQ rub.

Smokey Lew said:
Hey Mike, good stuff for sure. I like the mood lights in your ivy . . . it's real jivey! Although the grill is a looking a bit grime. ;)

Hope your cooken is better than your poetry! :LOL:
Wow fine looking groceries. Eyetalian dressing was made for fowls and swines in my book. Warden pan seared some up boneless breastes in olive oyl last night. Did not have time to soak in anything. Sprinkled em up with some of Bryans Yummy Chicken flavor. They come out yummy. They was from Omaha Steaks so suspect they had already been pumped and soaked mo betta than I could do it.

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