Lodge muffin/corn bread, bisquit pans

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Sep 6, 2004
Anybody have these lodge pans? How do you like them? I now have anolon bisquit pans and they are fine. I just like all things lodge
I had a cornbread pan a few years ago. It had four ears of corn depressions for making "cute" cornbread muffins. I found it more trouble than it was worth having just the one pan because it took forever to make enough to serve a hungry group of four adults. I suppose if you had enough pans to make a reasonable number at one baking, it might be worth it.
I have a couple of the 7 stick cornbread pans...They work well but we rarely use them...Would rather use one of the 8 in. or 10 in. CI skillets.....For biscuits we use a 12 in skillet....

need to clarify... I have the corn ear corn bread pan and I agree they do stick... I probably need to bake some bacon fat into them.
I was thinking about the biscuit and cornbread pans that look like muffin pans
Yes..the 7 "corn ear' pans is what I have...Properly seasoned, and heated prior to baking the bread slides right out.

No experience with the other pans....Like I said...I just use CI skillets for cornbread and biscuits....

For the sometime Cornbread muffins we just us an El cheapo muffin pan...or a SS one.
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