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Andy R

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Feb 14, 2002
Dallas, Tx
The member photo gallery is now open. Start posting phtos and then we can create categories based on they type of photos that get posted to prganize them later.

Each member can create 2 albums and upload 1MB. There will be ways of getting more space and features soon. :chef:
That is a cute cat! You can also view any members gallery by clicking on their name and selecting "View Memeber's Photo Gallery". Also, you can create new albums and even share them. So that way you can organize photos by events like 4th of July, Christmas or other options...
Hi Andy

I was wanting my pic of my Jack Russell deleted so i can describe him (redo it in other words). Kitchenelf was gonna talk to you about that? Can ya help me? Oh nice meeting you btw:)
Heat said:
I was wanting my pic of my Jack Russell deleted so i can describe him (redo it in other words).
I can delete that if you want me to. Are you sure you want to delete it?
Thanks MJ - I didn't see how I could delete it and I hadn't gotten a chance to mention it to Andy - sorry Heat - it's been busy around my house.
Thanks Kitchenelf, i know your a busy person i thought you may have forgotten. Thanks MJ for deleting it . I was gonna repost it, but thats when i seen animals posted on it. Now mostly member pics so i will wait and see if theres another place to put an animals pic. hahha I like the members pics. Thanks again yall!
Lily my most wonderful pretty cat was the first photo I put on the site.
Go a head and put a photo of your dog! He's part of the family :)

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