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DampCharcoal said:
Norge, you're a sweetheart! If you knew how many times my smoke alarm has gone off you'd deny any knowledge of my existence!:LOL:

Where I used to live, the smoke alarm went off every time I made toast in the toaster oven. Had to open the door and windows, bummer. In my new apartment it is not so sensitive. Thanks for giving me such a sweet name.:p
I agree with Bucky that the titles should be kind of goofy sounding. Not serious. Something that brings a smile to my face.

I think members who have between 0 and 50 posts should have the title of "Grease Trap Cleaner."

Thats what Im doing with my friend to get extra money while Im unemployed. :cry:
DS just stay away from the elementary school grease traps. You don't want to be dipping into someones retirement grease ;)
ironchef said:
How about...

0 posts - Dishwasher
50 posts - Prep Cook
100 posts - Line Cook
500 posts - Sous Chef
1000 posts - Chef de Cuisine
1500 posts - Executive Chef

I like that
I have used the following for now... We can change them laster at any time...
AllenMI said:
Here's my take on it:
0 posts = Assistant Cook
50 posts = Cook
100 posts = Senior Cook
500 posts = Sous Chef
1000 posts = Executive Chef
2500 posts = Certified Executive Chef
5000 posts = Certified Master Chef

As I understand, the ACF has certified many C.E.C.'s in the country, but there's only a handful of C.M.C.'s in this country.
It occurs to me, that "Ranking" is irrelevant, WE are a COLLECTIVE GROUP of friends, and fellow, Culinarians. As a "Team", Family, Group, Friends' (please don't ban me) (But I think it is Far more important, (the Validity of the Data Deliniated) (a oppossed to, ie. "yeah, I posted 12,000 tomes about my car) (Example given) (Yet I Understand, the process of what is trying to be done here) :) Atomic Jed! (Said) Vote 5 Stars for DC!!! 70.3 (more and WE WE Advance to 6th!US!!! TEAM!!! Friends!!!!
To tell you the truth I've never even bothered looking at titles or post counts, I just don't care. But I like the idea of the cute ones that are up there now. I see nothing wrong with adding the titles, it's the norm on nearly every other message board out there and nothing to get all choked up about.

I won't be participating in thread that I wouldn't normally post on to boost my count, I don't assume that someone with a lowish post count doesn't have relative information to share and I don't believe that those with super high post counts have any secret knowledge that the rest of us don't. Matter of fact I hardly pay attention to who posts what, my focus is on the content of what's being said. /shrug

It's all in fun. Why not acknowledge those with the gift of gab with a cute title?

Yes, Zereh, (yet I ponder, Imagine, anyone of us, just Proudly got a Culinary Institute Certification, "Posted" here with Us, for the first time, And is "Ranked" "Grease" drainer" (ala, (only 1 post) I have driven on Icy roads to get to grocery store to, answer a persons question on here 2 years ago, Me reading ingredient labels, while others were frantic to go. I have been "head Chef" at a restuarant yet, are we to to be "Ranked" on our culinary skills and knowledge that WE Share Cumalitivly , merely by our "number of posts"? (just an observation, and opinion) (Gotta Love US!!!!) :) Atomic Jed!
Well once we have some other things taken care of we will try a 90 beta test of a Karma system. This is a way to awknowledge and thank those that contribute to the community. Then I'd like to figure out a way to use a members tenure, karma points and post count (secret formula) to create some more perks for "contributing members" like more Private Message space, a bigger avatar, custom title & more... But it will take a while to get there and refine the formula, etc... But you should get the theory from that...
I believe I got promoted???? I am now classified as Certified Executive Chef :chef: WOW to whom do I owe this prestigious title to: :ohmy: thank you, I want to thank my supporters, my mother and father, my daughter.........:angry:
Quit being a wet blanket, Darkstream! This website isn't going to **** just because titles are being awarded on the basis of posts or karma or whatever. I could care less what title I get, why should you?
Please listen to my idea on Title Ranking

Ok, i know im the new kid on the block. But, i have an idea. First off i do not agree with new people or under 50 posts being called Grease Trap Cleaners!! lol. Im hoping that was a Joke! Cause this here girl cleans no Grease Traps for anyone hahahha. Ok to my idea........ The owner of DC or Administrator could come up with a College Culinary Arts Test. For volunteers ONLY!! Or the people that want a ranking. And, it would depend on your scores, to what rank you recieved. I feel the number of posts should be by your name. But, it should not count against you for not posting as much as the next person. I seen a posting yesterday that said only "DITTO", if i wanted to i could sit all day on here and get the highest score of anyone with the word Ditto. Haha. Anyways, thanks for listening. Just giving my opinion and ideas.
As you can see Heat you cannot just make posts that say just ditto or just quote a post as you did with the one that I deleted. You see, this forum is moderated and that kind of posting will not go on here. So your theory is foiled - with heavy duty :shifty:

And if you'll notice - those were all suggestions - that is not what we are doing now - you are Assistant Cook I believe - and remember - this is "virtual" cooking so there can only be "virtual" grease trap cleaning.
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