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Im Sorry!

Kitchenelf, im sorry, i did'nt mean to upset anyone. I didnt mean to quote my post, i meant to post my quote. And as soon as i seen what i had done i deleted it. That was the first time i have used the quotes. As a matter of fact, im very new so sorry if i did anything wrong. And correction (Ditto for me) was what i saw yesterday. All in all i think it was a good idea. And, again sorry Kitchenelf! :neutral:
lol Heat - apology accepted. Someone said ditto I'm sure to something someone asked or said or something. No harm done. One can never tell by the written word if someone is trying to cause trouble or just kidding around. And, as you can OBVIOUSLY tell :whistling I nip it in the bud pretty quickly.

So - carry on - accept my flower :flowers: and have a fun time on the boards. Hope to see you here often


you can stop hittin' me with that hammer now :turned:
It's all in fun anyway isn't it. If anyone feels the need to make it to the 'next' level, it's not really hurting anything or anyone.
ditto (hah! next level, here i come :cool: )
go ahead, delete me, i dares ya....

i hope there's room in elfie's doghouse tonight...

i also feel a little uncomfortable being called a c.e.c., but then i take another breath and get over it. as soon as someone (besides mj) tells me to stop posting irrelevant responses, i will do so. until then, grovel at my feet, all you grease trap cleaners and sous chefs....

So what's a irrelevent post?:mrgreen:
lol elfie. fortunately, you can hear the big galoot coming from a mile away, what with the big feet and the whistling of hans christian andersen songs...:mrgreen:
Neato Torpedo!

Thanks Kitchenelf. You are doing a GREAT job i can tell. And i accept your flower. Thank you. And i like this site very much. And i will be around often. And Buckytom you are HILARIOUS!!!! Keep me laughing Buckytom!!:LOL: :clap:
Very funny Atomic Jed

Hahahahha Atomic Jed your funny! But sometimes the toaster knob is so wrong Hahahhaha. And, when are we gonna have our chili cookoff AJ? Huh?? Mine will be better than yours. Na na nanny BOO BOO! Just Joking! :smartass: Please vote 5 stars for DC!! I just did!!
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Heat said:
Hahahahha Atomic Jed your funny! But sometimes the toaster knob is so wrong Hahahhaha. And, when are we gonna have our chili cookoff AJ? Huh?? Mine will be better than yours. Na na nanny BOO BOO! Just Joking! :smartass: Please vote 5 stars for DC!! I just did!!

If people in Florida don't know how to make real BBQ sauce - how ya' gonna' make a bowl of red? :rolleyes:

As Foghorn Leghorn said to the young chicken hawk ... that's a yolk son ...
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great, now every time i read a post by mike/ft worth i'm gonna hear ol' foghorn leghorn. "i said, i said, now hold on there boy. don't rush things, let the ladies have a look see"...:)
Ok Michael or (Mr. Texas Foghorn) hahahha! Im sure someone in Fla can make BBQ Sause!! But, Chili is a big ordeal with Atomic Jed and I, we are both competitive and great chefs. But, we both think our Chili is the best hahaha. I know you Michael coming from Texas you think yours is the BEST. If you want we will invite you to our Atomic Jed/Heat Cookoff. Hahahah and I'll show both you guys whos chili is the BEST!!! :LOL: THE HEAT IS ON!! LOL:-p
:ohmy: I Capitulate! (I'm gonna go buy Hormel Chili at the store, then Run like the dickens to the creek!!! hahaha!:LOL: (281.2 More 5 Star votesand WE are 3rd!!! :) Atomic Jed!
Heat, I guess Dad was right when he said there are 4 things you never discuss with "foreigners" (folks not born and raised in TX): religion, politics, BBQ and Chili :bash:

My comment on FL BBQ sauce came from laughing about an experience I had when I was attending a 2-week class in Jacksonville several years ago. One of the guys in class took me to lunch at a place one day that advertised themselves as serving "Real TX BBQ". Let's just say whoever made that claim had never been to TX - it was Carolina BBQ (pork with a mustard based sauce - not beef with a tomato based sauce). Honestly, I had never seen "yellow" BBQ sauce before in my life.

TRIVIA: The world's first Drive-In was The Pig Stand and opened in Dallas, TX in 1921. They served BBQ pork with the traditional tomato based sauce.

As for putting my chili up against someone elses in a contest ... naw. The best chili I ever had was in San Antonio, second best was in El Paso, third best was about 1970 when I went to the Chili cookoff in Terlingua, TX. If you ever try Rick Fowler's 2-Alarm chili mix and Carroll Shelby's chili kit ... mine falls somewhere inbetween.

I take my cooking seriously - just don't get contest fanatical about it! :angel:

Michael, i hear ya on the yellow BBQ sause.!! But, my BBQ sause is red too!! And, i have a feeling i make my chili Texan style Hahahaha. But, born in Indiana, raised in Florida. My momma was a Chef for 26 Years in a Popular Restraunt. She taught all of her 8 children everything she knew about cookin'. But, all and all i think im more Southern Cooking Chef . But, i dont go as far as hog jaws and fatback hahahha EWWWWWW!! :pig: :pig: :pig: Yuk!!!!!:LOL:
Okay Atomic Jed

Now i know, where your gonna get your chili for our cook-off!! Thats not fair.!! So yeah you better run to the Crik. (Its Crik remember, not creek) Hahahah. If i dont catch ya, your momma will for me!! :LOL:
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