Microwave Trouble.

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Assistant Cook
Mar 18, 2005
This may seem like a question that only a college age bachealor would ask, so I'm just the man to be asking it.

When I warm chocolate chip cookies in my microwave, it hisses and the lights fliker. This only happens when I am warming chocolate chip cookies, nothing else. I place the cookies by themselves in the microwave with no plates, napkins, or wrappers, yet I still have this problem. Are they now fortifying chocolate with some metal that reacts to the microwave oven?

Michael in FtW

Master Chef
Moderator Emeritus
Sep 5, 2004
Fort Worth, TX
Time and density sounds like the problem. Don't know how many cookies (density) you're trying to heat for how long (time).

Try this .... dampen two paper towls .... just get them wet under the faucet and squeeze them out ... then place one on the bottom, your cookies on top of that, then lay the other one on top of the cookies. Then, "nuke" them for 15-30 seconds ... and allow them to sit for about a minute before you open the door. They should come out warm and moist.
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