Monday, March 4, 2024, what did you eat?

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Feb 20, 2011
Last of the homemade tamales from the deep freeze. Mine were corn, poblano peppers and cheese with a tomatillo sauce. Craig's were chicken, cheese, and a chile red sauce in the filling and on top.
Fresh pasta Scialatielli (not homemade), with "broccolo romano". What do you call this type of broccoli, if you have it there?

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Romanesco. It's actually not broccoli, though tastes similar. It's a brassica, a member of the cauliflower, cabbage family. We've had it a couple of times and liked it, but it's difficult to find in most of the U.S.
I made a kit meal Pan-Roasted Chicken with mashed taters, gravy and Brussels sprouts (instead of broccoli). We really enjoyed the meal. It had a Thanksgiving vibe even though it was chicken. I think the rosemary and cranberries made it that way. I certainly would not object to eating in again! Good stuff, quick and easy too.IMG_7955.JPG
Ooops...forgot photo.
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