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I just finished a big ole' pot of Soup.
It's sitting happily, keeping warm
until it's time for Supper.


This is a new-to-me recipe for
Chicken Enchilada Soup... sounded interesting.

THAT is really good!

Not DH's cup of tea, as there's Cream Cheese
melted in at the end of cooking...

DH: EEWWWWW! What's that?
(please insert 10 year whiny brat voice here) :LOL:
Moi: Not for you, clearly. You're having leftovers. You have a choice of grilled NY Strip, Chicken Cutlet or Ham. All with their own sides already prepared and ready to reheat.
DH: Oh, well, I'll have the Steak then, thank you.

What`cha cookin` ?
Big Mistake - Thawed a Two-Pound Pkg of Burger, so left-overs for sure tomorrow !

Meat Loaf, Mashed Idahos, Steamed Cauliflower under a Cheddar Blanket...


Meat Loaf a 11-22-21.jpg
SO and I made a quick run to the Armenian bakery/grocery store to stock up.

One of the items we got was lamejun which we had with egg and lemon soup for dinner.

I finally had enough spoons to make an easy supper. I cut up a half a chicken breast and cut the thigh off a chicken leg. DH doesn't like dark meat, so I deboned the thigh and left it one piece that would be easy to identify in the dish. Started by frying the thigh until lightly browned and nearly at a safe temp. Then I add some more oil to the pan and some Madras curry paste. In went the breast meat and when there were no pink bits showing, I added some defrosted frozen vegis. Then I added a bit of vegi stock and let it simmer for a little while. Finally I added some frozen peas and some yogourt. We ate that on top of brown basmati rice. It was quite tasty and I wasn't stuck with all white meat.

My plate with the large chunk of thigh meat:

Chicken and vegis in curry sauce on brown basmati rice, Linda's plate.jpg

Stirling's plate with the smaller chunks of breast meat:

Chicken and vegis in curry sauce on brown basmati rice, Sti's plate.jpg
We had simple quesadillas, made from yesterdays leftover steak.

A specialty of Jeannie's ( who seldom cooks anything) and she makes them so tasty. :yum:

Made a ginormous pot of pumpkin soup with a Blue Jarrahdale squash the neighbour gave us.
Then my son said he had nothing to take to work tomorrow, so I made him a quick Butter Chicken curry with rice.
Then the girls called to say they wanted pizza for dinner - so we made tomato sauce.
everyone happy!!
I did a bit of an experiment for dinner. I made a salad with homegrown greens, added red onion and tomatoes, I topped that with some chicken meatballs I made. I used a kind of Mediterranean spice profile, along with some more (diced) red onion and homegrown cilantro...tossed them in the oven for 20 minutes. Along side was some warm Naan with humus and tzatziki. Last, I made a side of diced white rose potatoes, carrots and peas that cooked up in a skillet with a similar Mediterranean set of spices. Mikey liked is and so did I!

IMG_5853 (2).jpg
We went to a local upscale restaurant in my SIL's city. Named Epic Chophouse, our dinners WERE epic! To start, we had a round of drinks; from the top: Golden Monkey, Bourbon mule, Campari, and a local beer. We shared an appetizer of fresh mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto and romaine, grilled, then topped with chopped fresh tomato, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and basil infused EVOO. Forgot the photo. Dinners were sauteed NC rainbow trout/peasant cabbage, NY strip steak/country potato cakes, wine braised short ribs over mashed Yukon potatoes/thin green beans, and sirloin steak/jalapeno cheddar-jack cottage fries. No dessert for fear of exploding. LOL

Happy anniversary to all of us! 47 years for Himself and me and 50 for his sis and BIL this past August.

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