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mom's chicken parm or pot roast, or just about anything she makes.
sunday gravy,mashed potatoes mixed with lesiuer early peas forming a gravy volcano, geometrically shaped squished wonder white bread, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Everything listed so far is great (particularly the biscuits and gravy).

Will add smoked pork chops (can usually get them at SuperWalmart) and red eye gravy made with reduced coke (not the traditional way with coffee).

Fried fingerling catfish (cannot find them anymore, the farmed stuff has taken over the market).

Baked ziti (made with the spiral pasta, lots and lots of mozzarella, Italian suasage, both sweet and hot, and tons of sauce).


And steamed and fried Ipswich clams.
foods that make me smile:

poached chicken w/ fish sauce
salad rolls
catfish in black bean sauce

My mom would specifically make the chicken and salad rolls for me every time I came home from college. man, the good ole days...*sigh*

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