Moving to Vancouver, British Columbia in June. Any locals?

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Assistant Cook
Mar 29, 2010
Toronto, Ontario
Hey fellow cookers!

I am currently living in Toronto, but moving to Vancouver BC in June with my fiancee and our two pets, a Siberian husky and a cat named Willow.

I'm looking to meet some locals to the area. Maybe start up some friendships in advance to arriving. I'd describe myself as a mid 20s, granola eating, organic loving eater who spends her days in the sunshine with her pets.

Send me a message if you're local to Vancouver and maybe we'll hit it off... I'll do the cookin'!



The Dude Abides
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Jun 1, 2006
Bermuda Native in D.C./NoVA
I REALLY miss my time there, I used to live there in the mid 90's.

What type of stuff are you into? Vancouver is an AMAZING city, you will have NO shortage of meeting like minded people, I am sure. Coming from Toronto, there will be a bit of a change, but for the better I hope. So much to offer in Vancouver, truly an amazing place to be, I envy you.
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