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Feb 9, 2009
anyone have a good muddler that they really like? ive been using a spoon to make my mojitos and caipirinhas, but its just not cutting it....i think i like the kind with the spiky plastic/rubber bottom, as opposed to the smooth wooden ones....i feel like that would do a better job releasing juices and oils....either way, i just want something that works and wont break...and doesnt cost $30
its a bar tool used to mash fruit and other ingredients to make a a mojito, for example, you muddle togther lime wedges, sugar and mint leaves....that releases the juices and essential oils of the ingredients (if using coarse sugar, the sugar also helps to tear things up)...after that, you top it off with rum and can be as simple as a wooden pestle, but you can also get metal or plastic ones that have a round, flat bottom with small spikes (think of a small meat tenderizer)

since they are not that expensive, and im sure most work fine, i could prob just go to the store and pick any one out and be fine...but im just curious if people have a favorite
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DH bought me an axe handle several years ago and it's awesome! It's larger and flat on one end, perfect for mushing and crushing and a narrower end that works well for stirring. The best part, it was cheap (less than $5 at our local hardware store)!
A muddler'd come in handy. Otherwise I'm forking the herbs and that's up to no good.
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