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Feb 21, 2010
I am very new to the BBQ world. I am finally at a time in my life where I have the money and time to actually do it on a regular basis. I love all kinds of BBQ but now I am interested in making a mustard style rub possibly for ribs... (does this sound ok)? I have heard alot of people using plain mustard as a "glue" for their rubs but I want something that gives the nice mustard taste. Also, any mustard sauce/glaze recipes would be great to. I did run a few searches and didn't find anything on the forum, but I am sure I could have missed something. Thanks.
Welcome to the BBQC Forum. This Forum is a great resource for sauces, rubs and everything BBQ, but if you cannot find it here try Amazing Ribs site I did not see a mustard rub, but there were some mustard sauces. I'm sure you will get some great responses here as there are a number of rub and sauce manufacturers on this Forum. Again welcome to the Forum.
Found this down a few threads. Hope it helps.

Originally Posted on TVWB by John Mason July 7, 2004

South Central Carolina Gold

1-1/2 cup prepared mustard
5 Tbsp brown sugar
4 Tbsp tomato paste
3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 cup water

Combine and simmer for 5 minutes to dissolve sugar

SW Comments: I love this stuff with pork or beef, I add 1 TBSP dehydrated minced onion and make it a little sweeter, I use Demerra sugar
yeah I saw that sauce recipe I was thinking about trying that. I would also like to throw a rub on there too.

And thanks for the welcome bbquzz!
Not that I've used it, but perhaps some specialty mustards inside a dry rub might do the trick. But ya, I use mustard as the glue for my pulled pork. Check my vids out (signature).
Ever tried Cattleman's Gold? Guess a person could call it a wet mustard rub if they wanted. Taint bad alone or when mixed 50/50 with regular Cattlemans and enough pancake syrup to make it sweet. Now if a person want to get fancy add a dose of Blues Hawg original to the mix. That supposed to kick it up a notch.

The only thing I am worried about with the mustard slathers and "wet mustard rub" is losing the mustard flavor. I have heard of people using plain yellow mustard to get more rub to stick to the meat but that all the flavor is gone. I am a fan of the mustard flavor. I would like a rub that imparts some mustard flavor into the meat. I am thinking of a rub based around some coarsely ground mustard seed, garlic, powder, Light brown sugar, and salt and pepper. I have seen that base on some cites, probably will work out the proportions by taste. Should I add anything else to the rub?
Korben said:
The only thing I am worried about with the mustard slathers and "wet mustard rub" is losing the mustard flavor.

Well, I think the mustard flavor you are talking about may have a lot to do with the vinegar in wet mustards, not the mustard itself. That will cook off in a regular cook - which is why there is no discernible "mustard" after taste when you use a slather. If you want a wet mustard taste I think you'll need to stick with a sauce.
Maybe a person could consider eating the mustard on the side. That should work. Now why would anybody want a brisket to taste like mustard I aint quite sure:)

Well... I don't expect to get a mustard flavor when I add mustard to something that I'm going to cook and eat 8 to 12 hours later. It's just to make the rub stick...That's the purpose.
Like others have said ...if you want mustard flavor at the end....Sauce with something like Rev Marvin's. !
Hello Folks,

We are new to your forum and like the great information.

We have lived in Central S. & N. Carolina and think the Carolina Gold is from another part of the Carolina's, not sure which area. Most of the Central N.C. Sauce has a vinager and tomato base & taste, while Central S.C. uses mainly a Mustard base sauce with a spicy mustard and vinager taste. We have a Mustard BBQ Sauce that combines both vinager and Mustard. It has a smokey taste to it as well.

I agree with ScottyDaQ and others. If you use the mustard to hold the rub on it does not contribute any taste, the only purpose is to hold the rub like butter and oil does. To really get a mustard taste throughout the meat you will have to inject the meat with a good mustard sauce and I can’t promise this will work for everyone depending on your taste.
Hey Old Timer thanks for bringing an interesting old thread back to life. Glad to refine some sadly lacking gaps in the old synapses regarding various preferences of the folks from the Carolina's. I thought the SC folks was into ketchup in the sauce. For some reason I had in mind a person have to hit GA to find them who like the mustard flavor on there. Very informative.
Hi Mark,

Everyone has their own recipe and likes and disagree on where it started which area uses what sauce base everyday. In the Lexington, N.C. area which is a little NW all you find is the Vinager, water and Ketchup sauce, very thin. We found that in SC the coastal area likes the dark sweet ketchup base, in central SC the most common bbq sauce is the pure yellow mustard base but I'm sure there is other around. Yes the central and western Ga is a mustard base but I have found that they add molasses or honey to make it dark. You can find some that have a Gold color as our's has. We have a smoke flavor mustard and vinager bbq sauce where neither is over powering but a great blend. I guest when we talk about mustard base we think of mustard with no ketchup in it. There are allot of mustard base sauces out there and most have ketchup in them. We have found that most people like a dark bbq sauce and are not familar with a pure yellow or golden color bbq sauce. I know of two sauces that are pure yellow on the market and about four counting ours that are a gold color.

I'm sure there are allot of people that make a bbq sauce with only mustard base just not familar with them.

By no means do I claim to know it all about bbq sauces just in the areas and surrounding areas we have leaved over the years.
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