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Oct 24, 2004
hi everyone! i wanted to share with you guys pictures of the lemon torte i made yesterday!:chef:
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i wish i could offer you guys some,its still sitting there in the fridge,what is left of was really yummy!
htc said:
What a great looking cake! Would you mind sharing the recipe? Thanks!

htc! the frosting i used ,i've already posted its recipe,in "desserts" under cake,and the cake is a regular sponge cake,well,i found this sponge cake recipe from,its a bobby flay recipe,its great,soft yummy cake,i baked it in 2 layers,and used my lemon egg frsoting,and pressed in some flaked sweetened coconut cake onto the sides of the cake and some toasted chopped almonds over the cake,i will post the cake recipe for you now!:)

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