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Barbara L

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Apr 4, 2004
Somewhere, US
Please pray for my dad.

We have suspected for several months that something was wrong with my dad. He is a soft-spoken, reasonable person, but a few times throughout the last year he has suddenly gone into a crazy, unreasonable rage.

We just found out that he went to the hospital today (apparently he had another episode and I think he was falling as well--that's not clear). They found a mass on his brain. They are doing surgery to try to remove it.

My dad will be 78 next month. Fortunately he has kept his health up, so hopefully this will be a positive factor in his recovery. He is almost 3,000 miles away and I have no way to go back there.
Lord be with Barbara and her family especially her father as they face this health crisis that has come upon them. Be with the surgeons as they attempt to remove the tumor. Grant her father a speedy and full recovery. Give the family the strength they will need during this stressful time. Bring your peace and comfort to them whether they are near or far. May they feel Your Presence in their lives and accept Your will. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Amen
of course we will keep your dad in our prayers, barbara.

i will say a decade for him today that all goes well and he recovers quickly.
Such a terrible worry for you Barbara, especially being so far away from him. I wonder what is worse, to be right in the minute to minute stress of this, or to be wondering what's going on minute to minute. I'm a big believer in prayer and you and your family will certainly be in mine.
I will especially be praying that you be surrounded by peace.:heart:
my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad. May he come through this and be whole and well again. Peace be with all of you we love you Barb.
I just got some news, and while it may be as bad as it sounded, it may not be quite as bad. Like my daughter said, never trust my sister to relay important information about health! My sister has a tendency to turn molehills into mountains and mountains into planets. She apparently listened to the worst case scenario and ran with it.

All we know right now is that he has swelling of the brain. They won't know any causes or treatment until they do an MRI. It could be as bad as my sister said, or it could be something not so bad.

Either way, it's not good, and I really appreciate your prayers.
My thoughts and prayers for you and your family! Huge prayers for your Dad and his prognosis. Hugs!
The news is not good. It is a cancerous brain tumor. They have to make sure it hasn't spread to other parts of his body, so it could be a couple weeks before they can do surgery. On top of all this his girlfriend of several months (less than half his age) appears to be trying to make some kind of power move. She is interfering when family tries to ask the doctor questions and is asking irrelevant questions. She just keeps going on about how she is the "love of his life" and about how good she has been for him.

I appreciate the prayers so much. Thank you everyone.
Barbara, you know how much I care about you and that I know exactly where you are at right now as you were there for me almost exactly one year ago. My heart, prayers and thoughts are all with you, James and your family. Anything you need, just holler! I'll leave the window open so I can hear you better!

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