my zesty minty tuna

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Sous Chef
Sep 2, 2004
Ok so ...

fillet tunas
you have about 2 teaspoons of corn starch in some water
you have 6 leaves of fresh peppermint - chopped up
you have some chives about 2 teaspoons
you have some lime sliced
you have some parsley
you have some salt
you have some white pepper etc. i should stay saying you have some
enough sugar to cover surface like proabably 2 table spoons or 3 tea spoons or something

preparations - rub salt on tuna and some red wine vinegar (??? don't know about that but it was just like that when my mom gave it to me to cook cause she wanted me to cook the same thing as i did last week but i didn't)
1. pour in pan i use cast iron - EVOO
2. put tuna in
3. low low heat cover with lid do not turn over yet
4. turn high high high heat - add the chives and parsley
with lid on after like 20 seconds
5. turn low low heat and let it sizzle
6. add in the corn starch water when its still very very pink like very.
7. let it sizzle for awhile under medium heat
8. turn low heat add the pepper
9. cook for like 40 seconds or more with the sugar
10. Add the mint and lime and zest
11. Turn the tuna over - let it cook
12. pour everything from the pan into the plate



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