Natn'l Glazed Doughnut Day ~ 1-12-21 ~ What's On Your Table?

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Aug 2, 2014
Central/Northern AZ, gateway to The Grand Canyon
We have this wonderful Doughnut shop in town,
who recently started a Food Truck!
The truck was parked not terribly far from
our house, so we've had our share already today ;)

I've made the executive decision that our dinner will
be served much earlier than in the past ...


I was super 'ono for' (Hawaiian-speak for 'hungry for')
Burgers and Fries! :yum:
Grilled to a perfect medium-rare, Cheese and veggies ...
Trader Joe's Dark Beer for me and Henry Weinhart's
Root Beer for DH.

ATK's recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for dessert later.
ATK Oatmeal Cookies.jpg
Mortadella and pistachios with a parm cream sauce.


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Chicken and veggie stir-fry and homemade pork fried rice.

I made Skillet Shrimp, a recipe from Southern Living magazine. It calls for scallions, but I was out. Surprised me, since I usually have them on hand. However, I had already decided to use shallots instead. I wasn't thrilled with the sauteed scallions in this dish anyway. We liked it better with the shallots. No scallion tops for garnishment, so I added extra parsley and dill.
Since Tuesdays are Lufa Farms, produce and other stuff, basket delivery day, I knew I wanted to make an easy supper. We had hot Italian sausages roasted over a bed of mostly root vegis. The non root vegis were a couple of celery stalks, two small, onions, quartered, and some garlic.


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We had spaghetti and clam sauce. I was able to find a bit of parsley growing in the relics of our garden. :)


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