Need a fast answer on a brining question...

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Sep 1, 2004
I need a fast answer on a brining question - I posted here because this forum gets the most traffic. Audeo and I exchanged many emails on our brining project and it slipped past me that she has a basted turkey. Cook's Illustrated article says not to brine a basted turkey because there is a substantial amount of salt in the basting solution. Has anyone brined a basted turkey? If so, what were the results. Thanks.
Otter, you are so thoughtful! Thank you!

This is precisely why I have reduced the salt in my brine. Did quite a bit of research on this one, and read that most turkeys are self-basted (an oxymoron, to me) and "organic" turkeys are very hard to find "in the city." Indeed-I called every market around to no avail.

I'm hoping for palatable results here....
Audeo, check your pm area. I posted the salt percentages from the CI article. I also updated the turkey/chicken post - it's been quite an experience so far! :roll:

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