Need Directions For "Adult" Themed Cake please

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Nov 28, 2004
My husbands birthday is this next weekend and I am wanting to make him a fun, adult themed cake since the party I'm having for him is w/ adults only. We'll have the G rated party another time w/ the kids and his mom ;) LOL. Anyway, I'd like to do a cake w/ 2 female breasts and I also thought about doing one of a female backside. Hence the idea of telling him he's getting "T!t's and arse" for his bday. Sorry if this offends anyone....... I just want to do something kinda silly and fun for him. Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated and if you don't feel like posting them here, please feel free to email me @
Thank a BUNCH!
A friend made a cake for her husband's 30th party - with marzipan nude women, posed sitting and lying on the edges of a swimming pool (the centre of the cake was iced to look like a blue, tile-lined swimming pool!)

The word that has been edited out is N U d E - how preposterous! 8) Particularly as it let the T&A words through in the OP's message.... Grrrrrh
Check the message board at There are a ton of cake decorating tips and ideas discussed. If you don't see what you need, post a question--there are some very knowledgable cake folks on there!
If there's a Spencer's gift store or an "adult book store" near you, they usually have T or A cake molds, check them out!

Have fun at your party!
Cake came out GREAT!! Thank you for the suggestion of the wilton site, someone gave me a valueable hint. I just did a 9x13 cake, trimmed it down and then made breasts with 2 mini bundt pans. He loved it!
Thanks for the help :)

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