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Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York
Showed up today. (Thanks Fed-Ex!) Simple to use so far. Have not uploaded any thing yet so that may be a whole new story. :LOL: Nice and small and will fit in a shirt pocket. The wife has no interest in the thing. All she said is "Oh great, :roll: on to food porn video.) :LOL: I feel like a geek with two Nicon camera's and now a Kodak camcorder. Plus I bought a thumb drive that will plug right into the camcorder so I can keep going if the card gets full in the camcorder.

Today is a good day. Got my new glasses and Fed-Ex showed with the camcorder. :D
Off the booze and blender for a week now, that's okay. I was like a bag of chips, (Can't just have one)

I would recommend. all day long. great service, speedy delivery.

You guy's make all the fun you want. If you want to get rid of something, send it to me and I'll plop in front of the house. It will be gone in no time at all. Hell, I have to put the weed whacker in the garage to take a whiz for fear of some douche stealing it. Five-O is a joke around here. So far I have had my maple top pig table cutting station, air compressor, WSM, Weber chimney, and yea, a few hanging flowers. Along with 3 -5 gallon gas cans. GONE! Went to the local store to get some milk, bred, and some other stuff, locked the car and left the sun roof open went to the drug store, yea, gone. Must of used a coat hanger to unlock it there is a laundry mat next door. What is wrong with people!
Which one did you get? My Kodak Zi6 is fun, easy to use, great video. I have a sports video cam that I attach to my cycling helmet.
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