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Feb 28, 2021
Hello everyone, I'm from Sri Lanka a small island nation, and I'm not a chef but am interested in food. :)
Hope to learn a lot, and share any knowledge I may have (I doubt that, lol)
Excited to be here.
Hi and welcome to Discuss Cooking [emoji2]

Most of us are not chefs, either - we're enthusiastic home cooks who enjoy talking about all things food, as well as other fun topics. What's your favorite dish?
Welcome to the forum! Another cook from Sri Lanka recently joined, but we never heard back. Don't be a stranger! I'd like to hear more about your cuisine - I know a lot about Southern Indian cooking, but not a lot about Sri Lankan.
Thanks everyone.
Yeah I know many people just join and vanish but believe me you might sometimes tell me to shut up when I start posting:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
I don't know if I have a favourite dish but I like anything which is not my own cooking. But I have my favourite fruits of course. I like mango, mangosteen, rambutan, pineapple, and soursop.
Well, you see? For some reason I thought soursop was a vegetable. :LOL::LOL:
Soursop is a really good fruit against kidney stones and other bladder and kidney problems it is said.
But it's something I would never eat in the evening or in cold weather. If I eat it in the evening next day I'll be getting up with a cold. I usually don't show any reaction to any other thing, except for soursop.
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