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Dec 11, 2022
Recently broke down a whole beef tenderloin for the first time. Was looking for a cheaper way to get some beef. However now I have a new problem. The head of the tenderloin all the videos tell you to cut off and save for later. What do you do with it? What's the actual name of that part of the tenderloin? I've tried looking up head of tenderloin recipes, but all I ever find is people using one of the ends (I think these are referred to as the tails of the tenderloin?) of the center piece. I wish I knew what I was talking about better so I could explain the part I'm referring to.
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That big fat head of the tenderloin is good for steaks or a roast. It would make a great holiday dinner as a roast. Just tie it and proceed.
what he^ said. the tenderloin is a tapered muscle - for "steaks" it gets sliced cross-wise, so there's little rounds to bigger rounds.

one can argue which is more/less tender or more/less tender for the buck, but in the end the whole tenderloin is a tender cut. given a chunk of steak from the smallest round and a chunk of steak from the biggest round, the blind-folder "expert" will have issues identifying which is which....
There are lots of recipes to be found when you know the name. It's the "butt" of the tenderloin. Save any small scraps, like from the tail (the other end of the tenderloin), for dishes that don't need larger, pieces like Beef Stroganoff or beef tartar. The middle is called the "centre cut".
As Andy has said.
Don't be afraid to trim as you go along. Those trimmings make fantastic ground meat. So tender and tasty.
My first tenderloin was a disaster! But my 2nd one was a lot more successful having watched a gazillion videos before hand. LOL
Congrats on taking the initiative.
And Renraw9002, Welcome to DC

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