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Mar 13, 2005
Hi All,
Thank you for letting me join your group. I am a recipe and cookbook collector...have been for many years now, and love to cook and bake. I'm happily married, have 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren. :p

I also enjoy reading (especially cookbooks!), music, travel, movies, and Nascar. I collect cookbooks (have an extensive library), pig figurines, menus, dolls, books, teapots, bells and dustbunnies! I started collecting cookbooks at 16 and still going strong. I have many more interests and enjoy making new friends.

Welcome Bakers Dozen, I am a collector of cookbooks as well, and read them like novels. I love them all!!!!
Glad you found us BakersDozen - hate to burst your bubble but I bet I have more dust bunnies than you :p ;)

See you around the boards!
Hello BakersDozen. I'm glad you could join us!
Welcome aboard BakersDozen.

If collecting cookbooks is an addiction, I need a twelve step program.

Have been better in recent years, but just recieved two on Friday.

Keep telling myself that if I can't come up with a recipe with the books I have, I might as well just call the pizza guy.

But I still buy them.

Glad to have you here, but please, please don't mention a cookbook that you just have to buy.

OK, if you must you must. And I will try very hard to ignore the urge.

Just call me a recovering cookbookaholic. :p
Welcome aboard BakersDozen.

Also collect cookbooks, as do many here, but menus, wow.

Don't know of another menu collector here.

Where have you been? :p

Hope to hear from you soon.
Welcome! I urge caution, however, as this forum is tremendously addictive and the help is wonderful!

Gee....collecting menus! That's a great idea!
Welcome BakersDozen! A great name for a great place! Looks like you have lots of great collections going. I plan on adding to my many collections this year also, and my kids are adding to theirs too. Looking forward to all that you have to share here. :)
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