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My partner is exactly the same, he hates olives, but adores olive oil. He tries to like them, I think it's the bitterness that turns him off. I love olives. I can't think of anything I hate, except for English Indian curries, they cook the curries too long and the spices go off. Horrible. I love spicy food other than that.
I can eat them in some things, but I have never liked peanuts. But peanut butter? I love peanut butter! I also like fig newtons but hate fresh figs.

:) Barbara
How funny. Every once in awhile a freind will hear me say I don't care for something, food wise, and they are in shock. Mine are grits (and trust me, I've tried every prep known to mankind), corn bread, and collard greens. Duh, guess I'm not a southerner? Oh, milk. Milk and cornbread are the oddities, because I LOVE literally anything else made with milk or with corn. One time a friend's mom told me (I was 6 or 7) that I'd never grow up to be tall and strong because I hated milk. I'm 5'10" and could probably pull an ox cart, so got the last laugh on that one!
My Dad said I would have curly hair if I ate toast - so I DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!

I have VERY curly/frizzy hair that I am CONSTANTLY doing things to tame it - right down to the Japanese thermal straightening. So, at the ripe old age of "almost" 50 I FINALLY have manageable hair and I EAT TOAST NOW!!!!!

I like chocolate - and I like peanut butter BUT don't put them together

I like nuts - BUT don't put them in any chocolate (it's gross)

Well, I must go - we're getting some major wind from Frances!!!!! Things are blowing aw;ay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edited to say....ok - it was just a bit "gusty" but the rains have started. My husband's an insurance adjuster - I think I'll call our local psychiatric hospital and reserve a bed now - gosh, he's going to be busy. :cry: Good for business (except it is just him and me), bad because I won't "see" him for a couple months - he'll work such long hours at the office and just sleep there. He works until his head hits his desk (he said one morning that his nose hurt, I said I know, I heard it hit your desk :shock: ) Poor thing.

(sorry, I ddin't mean to hijack your post) - back on topic now!!!!!!
Gee, my Gramma used to tell me burned toast makes you sing. Thing was, she was a truly lousy cook, and a mediocre singer. Lovely lady, though!!!
About the only thing I have a love-hate relationship with is spinach. I cannot stand the scent of cooked spinach. It 's makes me naseous. However, I love raw spinach in salads.
love corn hate corn bread.
my cousin loves applesauce
hates apples.
my boyfriend loves ketchup
hates tomatoes.
My love/hate relationship involves clams/oysters...

I hate raw clams, but I love clam chowder...

I hate raw oysters, but I love Oysters Rockefeller.

As far as cooked spinach.. I don't like it for the most part.. but I like it in some dips and lasagna.. I like it mainly in a good salad.
LOL.. I forgot to post what the topic was originally about... I love olives and olive oil... I use olives for everything..and I can't think of an olive I don't like.. .. my fav are Kalamata olives!
Hate raw fish, love cooked fish, and this includes shellfish. Hate okra, love most other veggies. Love leverwurst, hate mint. Hate alcohol (and yes it does have a flavor, no matter how you mix it or cook with it!).

Love yeast, hate beer (could be that alcohol thing again).

Love extra-sharp cheeses, hate ripened cheeses.

Don't care for baked earthworms. It was a childhood dare. You couldn't imagine how bad they tasted. I still shudder when I think about it, and that was about forty years ago. I think I was about seven at the time. That's the only flavor besides strong peppermint and alcohol that aever made me vomit (though I couldn't bring myself to try balloot while in the Phillipines.

Hate diabetes, love the foods I can no longer have, especially since I have learned to really make those foods so well.

Love dairy products, and milk is my favorite drink (though a great strawberry malt comes in a close second, made with sugar-free vanilla ice cream, real strawberries, malt, and Splenda).

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the Noprth
I love apples. The juicier the better, but I hate apple juice. This has always boggled my mind.
GB said:
I love apples. The juicier the better, but I hate apple juice. This has always boggled my mind.
LOL How funny. I'm not that crazy about apples (I can eat them, but I don't get in the mood for them), but I love apple juice!

:) Barbara
i racked my brain to find a food i don't like. it was hard, but i don't like raw squid, but i love it cooked (grilled, steamed, acid cooked, baked, etc).

when i was a kid, i hated egg whites but loved egg yolks. my cousin loved the opposite so we were a very happy pair when our moms would serve us hard boiled eggs.
I love everything that everyone said they hated, and I love everything that everyone said they loved, ummm..... maybe not the baked earthworms. EEEEEWWW. I don't think there is anything that I don't like and God blessed me with a husband who feels the same way. He's a pleasure to cook for and loves adventurous eating as I do. We make a great pair, both overweight, but oh so very happily eating away. LOL

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