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Nov 20, 2010
I have a question about my oven that I'm not sure any one can help me with but I wanted to ask. I have a small 20" wide oven in my studio and it just isn't cooking things right. Some times I have success with things and other times its just a mess. The most resent problem was I made brownies and set the temperature about 5 degrees less then what the recipe called for and set a timer for 5 minutes less. (I have generally had more success when i lower temp and time.) And before the timer went off I checked them and what I found was all the edges burnt and the middle of the pan still very gooie. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Help! I love to bake and its killing me that nothing is turning out right!
Sounds like a perfect batch of Brownies to me.

What kind of oven do you have? Is it an older oven? The thermostat could be off and it might need to be serviced.
You can buy an oven thermometer As Bolas suggested. You just hang it on a rack.They aren't that expensive. Go by that thermometers reading. If the oven is seriously off in temp have it checked out.
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