Ozzie Chocolate Beet (Beetroot) Cake

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Cake is in the oven. I believe the beets (I used canned) will give it moisture AND sweetness. I also added peppermint extract as per Alix's suggestion.

Let you all know later how mine turned out.
Mmmmmmmmmmm. You won't be sorry. Add a teeny bit to any frosting too. Ours rarely makes it to the frosting stage as I tend to devour it before we can get the cake cool enough to frost.

Maybe I will make one today too. It is not as crappy as was forecast, but still overcast and grey right now.
waiting - waiting - for the review!

Just curious - anyone - have you made this with fresh grated beets? Just wondered about the difference.
Still waiting. The barbarians I live with did not want to eat the excellent salmon en croute tonite (hubby ate lunch too late and was not dinner-hungry and daughter wanted takeout Chinese, which I did NOT order for her - she's fixing ramen noodles as we converse here). Said salmon is in the freezer right now, and WILL be eaten tomorrow.

I am sure beet/choc cake will be eaten later this eve. Stay tuned.
Oh, Mudbug, I'm sorry - I know just how that feels! That's happened to me, too!

And I finally laid down the rule that I will 'announce' when I'm making a big 'do' for dinner - if anyone has plans, they should let me know beforehand; if something comes up last minute, I get a call to let me know!
Well, the cake went over well. I am not going to announce the "secret" ingredient until it's all gone. Cake turned out to be a dense, uniquely sweet affair that seemed a little dry - probably due to overcooking a bit. However, excellent without frosting, as noted by others.

Marmalady, my dinner plans get re-arranged at the last minute fairly often by hubby's erratic work schedule. He is required to be here or there at a moment's notice or stuck in meetings at the last minute or thru lunch, so often there's no telling when/what he ate. Calls for some flexibility on my part. I should learn to do the "fancy" stuff at the weekend, but I was itching to try your recipe yesterday. In any case, we will have it tonite!
Just bumping this to myself as I have the cake baking in the oven as we speak. Will post a review. :eek:)
Wow! This cake was magnificent. I am not a big lover of chocolate, well heavy tasting chocolate. And this was perfect. Not too sweet and so moist but fluffy! When I grasp the pan to take it out, my mitt thumb made an impression on it. LOL

I made a frosting for it though cuz my dh likes his sweets REALLY sweet. So I made some frosting using what I had on hand. I never made it this way and it was the best I ever tasted by my hand! I frosted half of the cake.

6 tbsp of butter, softened
6 tbsp of condensed milk
6 tbsp of cocoa
2-3 cups of conectioners sugar depending on how thick you want it
1 tsp of vanilla

Cream butter for about five minutes till fluffy, add milk. Cream another few minutes till well incorporated. Add cocoa one spoonful at a time while mixing. Then add 1/2 cup of conf. sugar at a time, mixing well after each addition. Finish off with the vanilla and mix well. All in all I mixed for about 15 minutes in my kitchenaid using the wisk attachment.

It was thick, chocolately and soooo good! Thanks Mudbug for posting and thank your sil!
I have beets and all else to go into the makings of this cake.
I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and make it.
I don't have to eat it, but husband would love this.
He is NOT a huge lover of over the top totally chocolate flavor.
He would never even indulge in Triple Chocolate Mess or the Slice of Sin. But this one, I could do a vanilla frosting and that'd make his night.

Thanks for sharing this great odd, inventive and creative recipe.
a chocolate cake with beets?

this is new. it makes sense that beets would get used in dessert, like carrot cake, but this is perhaps the first recipe seen that actually uses it.

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