Paul Sorvino Foods "Marinara" Sauce

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Mar 25, 2006
Culpeper, VA
While I do like making my own pasta sauces, I also keep a number of jarred sauces in the pantry for impromptu meals when I just don't feel like making my own. They're also great when tossing together a homemade pizza or bruschetta, yadayadayada. So anyway, was down the pasta aisle yesterday & saw - on sale as a new item - a new jarred sauce with Italian actor Paul Sorvino's mug staring back at me. With one of favorite movies - "Goodfellas" - in the back of mind (who can forget "Paulie" in prison slicing the garlic for the sauce paper-thin with a razor blade?), had to buy a jar of the Marinara.

So, last night we enjoyed a big green salad along with whole-wheat 4-cheese ravioli topped with Sorvino's sauce, which we both voted the very BEST JARRED SAUCE EVAH!!!! Light, fresh, & perfectly balanced. Wonderful stuff (& although I do enjoy making my own pasta sauces, I've also tried a LOT of jarred stuff). Ingredients consist of just "San Marzano tomatoes, imported Fasolino brand Italian olive oil, salt, fresh garlic, fresh basil, fresh oregano, & black pepper".

After last night I went back today & bought a few more jars of the Marinara (also a jar of the "Vodka Sauce" to try - the only other item they produce at this time).

Anyway, I highly recommend at least the Marinara at this time.

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how much is it per volume, breezy? if i have to resort to jarred sauces, i don't mind spending the extra buck or two per quart.

have you tried the 'silver palate" brand tomato sauces? they're pretty good; on the more fresh/tart side. not so thick and sugary.

i'll have to try paul sorvino's. i met him once, several years ago, in a bar in nyc. nice guy.
It was on sale for $2.99 (normally $3.99, I believe) for a 25-ounce jar, but it was worth every penny in our opinion. Especially since we only used half the jar for last night's ravioli, so have the other half to use for maybe a homemade pizza or two this weekend.

Have never tried the "Silver Palate" sauces.

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