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Oct 19, 2013
Southeast US
Many years ago Progresso sold a jar of peppers packed in oil. It was a medley of peppers with red and green bell the headliners. Along with whole cherry peppers and I think others/other.
It was very good and I learned about them as my journeyman/teacher used them on tuna sandwiches instead of mayonnaise for lunch at work. I have not seen them in years and want to make them. I have an abundance of pablamo, red bell, green bell, shishito and jalapeño.
Anyone remember them?
Would you use all the peppers I mention above?
Should I use the water can or cold can method (jars)?
Olive oil or grapeseed oil. I have grapeseed and olive oil?

How would you make them?
If you do an internet search for "Copycat Progresso Pepper Salad" you'll find a bunch of recipes. Maybe one of them will help you. I noticed that one person complained that none of the recipes show "capers" in the recipe and that they were included in the Progresso recipe.

Alternatively, there seem to be some others that still sell pepper salads in a jar. Some sell various versions, Mild, Hot, etc. There might be some ideas there too.

Sorry I don't have much personal input!
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