Peter Pumpkin Bars

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Copied and pasted. Thank you, bakechef! :yum:

Addie....good to know this worked well as muffins, too. :)
I ended up taking the easy way out and made a pumpkin pie since I had a homemade pie crust in the freezer.

I always say that I am going to make my own pie crust. I know it is easy, but I take the lazy way out and use grocery store crusts. I don't like the Pillsbury crusts at all. My store has some that come from a Spanish maker. All the wording is in Spanish, but that doesn't matter. It has more flavor than Pillsbury. And is so much easier to handle. It has been years since I made my own crust. Time to do it again. :angel:
These look great! I will definitely be making these for our cafe! Thank you for sharing!
These look great! I will definitely be making these for our cafe! Thank you for sharing!

I made the muffins. I divided them four to plate. One woman bought a plate and brought them to the coffee room. She opened them and had one with a cup of coffee she bought. Started raving and shared a bite with her friend. Friend went over and bought eight of them (two plates). I did put slivered almonds on top instead of walnuts. Stock up on your pumpkin because these will be a big seller even after the holidays. Make them again in June when no one can find pumpkin on the shelves.

FWIW. Dunkin' Donut's can't keep up with the pumpkin items they offer at this time of year. I guess it is because pumpkin is not even thought of for the rest of the year. It is truly one of America's favorite flavors. :angel:
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That's awesome!

It makes me so happy to see this recipe live on, it was such a special recipe during my childhood!
I've seen a couple of recent threads about pumpkin and it made me think of bakechef's Peter Pumpkin Bars. :yum:

DC contains so many wonderful memories of people and their great recipes.
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