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Apr 14, 2011
Hi Guys,

I registered just to reply to a old about eating in London, but the post was so old I wasn't aloud to reply, so I decided to post a new thread in the hope that it will be of use to someone on these forums.

I think London is amazing for some fine dining and cool food experiences we try and eat someone new each time we visit and so we know what its like to be looking for that special place to eat in a foreign country or city. There are many others, but these are the ones that stand out to me and my fiancée, I took her to Alain Ducasse the night we got engaged to celebrate so I might be a bit biased on that one.

We love good food and believe you shouldn't have to pay the world for it along with a good service, although mot of the restaurant I have listed are more than your average meal they are worth the extra few £££

Fine dining musts

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester - The best meal I have ever had
Le Gavroche - A must for foodies run by michel roux one of the best chefs in the world
sketch - only had lunch here and was amazing, plan to visit the restaurant this year

Brilliant food

Goodmans - steakhouse that beats any steak I have had in the USA
Automat - America diner that does it well
The only running footman - Brilliant little pub in Mayfair, excellent food
Chez Gerrad - brilliant little french chain over here, can get discount vouchers if you Google


The Worlsley - a restaurant that knows how to do it right, brilliantly British.

For foodies

Borough market - hit it about 10:30ish and enjoy snacking on all the amazing foods while lapping up the smells and atmosphere

We have tried Jamie's seventeen and were disappointed, you will also need a Taxi to get there, food was good but not amazing

We also have eaten at 2 Gordan Ramsey the Boxwood cafe (now closed) and Maze grill.

Boxwood was a very nice meal at a very good Price, Maze grill food was very good, servers was so bad I refused to leave a Tip Goodmans was just as good if not better!!

we also hit a Nubo in Mayfair and found this to be a great disappointing, very good for celebrity spotting if your into that, but high end sushi dining wasn't for us.
Try the Island on Lancaster Terrace - a short walk from Paddington Station and quite near Hyde Park. The food is quite simply excellent. British trad fare but with a modern stylish twist. Another good one is a place called Bizzaro on Craven Road - the best Italian food I've had outside Italy and it won't break the bank.
I'd recommend 'La Porchetta Pollo Bar' in Soho, areas a bit... 'colourful', but the food is amazing and so cheap and freshly cooked right there in front of you! It's an italian restaurant which I initially discovered through a very good Italian friend and he says it's the best pizza in London. And he should know :D
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