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prior we had spammer writing your assignments for you - given the English "quality" of their spam posts, , , ,

now it's mail order diplomas . . .

in the not too distant .... AI written assignments, CHEEP!
Sympathetic thoughts for all the staff who are dealing with this spam attack. I served as an admin on another discussion board and know how tiresome it can be to ward off these bots.

Some of you might find the following background information of interest: The spammers' primary goal is NOT to entice you to click on their links and send them money (although they would be fine if you did so). Instead, they seek to promote their links to higher positions in search engines. If the spam remains long enough on a site such as DC, various search engines (think Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) will index the post and make it available in a search. The search engines undoubtedly hold DC in high regard due to its concentration of useful information. That high regard translates to higher rankings for the spam. Unfortunately, the spam may lead to lower rankings for DC. Deleting the spam ASAP will help to limit any such damage.
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