Poorly Designed Measuring Cup Warning

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I have one of those cheap-o plastic 4 cup measuring cups from Walmart (Mainstays I think it's called)
measuring cup.jpg

(photo credit Walmart.com)
I filled it to the 4 cup mark, put it into the microwave to bring the water to a boil, grabbed the handle to pull it out ... the handle gave way and I wound up dumping the boiling water all over the stovetop ... better there than on me!
I hardly ever use measuring cups.
I have a 500 ml pyrex and a plastic 1 litre jug. I use those. Mostly though, I eye ball.
When precission is needed, I use a scale.
And I don't have a dish washer :)
I love my Pyrex measuring cups. When Bed, Bath, and Beyond opened a nearby store and had a great coupon, I bought two two-cup, one three-cup, and a four cup. I can see the markings; the handles are hand friendly; I can pop them in the microwave to heat liquids; and they clean easily.
My measuring cups have lasted longer than the store!
Yikes! I agree with you! Bad design.

I like these and have 2 of each. My Favorite Measuring cups.

1 cup, 2 cup & 4 cup. Plus a half dozen or so of the 1/4 cup ones too. I like to line things up, so I'm ready. Mise en place. (Once everything is in place, I can make a Thai dish faster than DH can take a shower!)
I think Americas Test Kitchen rated these the best.
I use measuring cups all the time.
I put them on the scale, zero it out . . . .
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