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Sep 17, 2004
I am wondering if there is a website where you can order replacement lids for pyrex wear. Like the casserole dishes and the little round bowls and such. I know sometimes you can get them from a pyrex outlet store, but the closest one that i know of, I live in maryland... I know of one outside of atlanta.
Has anyone ever seen a lid for 11x15 casserole? I have some for my 9x13 one's.
I am also looking for some for the 2 cu and 1 cu round bowls and a little oblong casserole that i have
A bit tardy in a response (but got here just as fast as we could) to where to find PYREX replacement lids. You will find many sellers on eBay with a wide variety of lids and covers to fit PYREX and Corning Ware pieces. Hope this helps in your search. Best of luck in your quest.
I was searching for several different lids and found a link that will be helpful for a great many of the lids.

Pyrex Lids | Pyrex Replacement Lid | Shop World Kitchen

This is where you get the "original equipment" and seems to be cheaper than other sites.

Apparently they don't make it easy to search, or identify the lids to match up with your current set. I thought I would share and make it easier for other people.
(Sadly I have not found a lid for my 10x15x2 dish yet. I am not entirely sure that a lid exists.)
Wow... the lids are expensive.... $5 a lid... it's how much i spend on the whole container with lid.... Might as well wait for Walmart goes on sale and buy the whole thing.
I find Pyrex lids are very durable. I have bought both Pyrex & Anchor sets... the Anchor lids all broke... every single one... but pyrex are all intact.

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