Quick Dinner with Shredded Chicken

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Jan 30, 2012
East Tennessee
I need something relatively simple to make for dinner tonight!

I feel stupid for not being able to come up with anything because I know there is an answer staring me right in the face, I just can't see it!

Things in the house (besides the single can of shredded chicken): Shredded "Mexican blend" cheese, tortillas, brown rice, other flavored rice, teriyaki sauce, bread, coconut milk, eggs, onion rolls, olive oil, veg. oil, and various/sundry spices. Also, in a dark cabinet in the corner of the kitchen, I found two of the biggest cans of Rotel I have ever seen... (What was my grandmother thinking...?)

Things keeping me from making something I'm familiar with: No lettuce, no pita bread, no peanut butter, no "regular" milk, no buttermilk, and no veggies really at all, because we have slacked majorly on going to the store, and it's raining heavily now so no one's going out!

We may have a few other things hiding here and there, so if you've got a recipe that involves ingredients not on the list, feel free to share!
I've made sloppy janes with shredded chicken. Instead of the usual tomato sauce I use cream of chicken soup and heat it all up. You can add any kind of spices but I generally use poultry seasoning. Serve it on your onion rolls. You could even add in the cheese if you want. I've done that before too. Rice for a side dish.
I would scramble a few eggs quickly, then stir in the chicken and cheese and continue heating until it's warm. (S+P to taste.) Then reserve the egg-chicken-cheese mixture in the oven, clean the frying pan and par-fry the tortillas. (Is that a word? I mean to briefly fry them to soften them, then put aside on paper towels to absorb oil.) Finally, make taquitos by rolling the egg-chicken-cheese mixture in the "par-fried" tortillas, then fry the taquitos in about 1" of oil.

You do have taco sauce, right? Or sriracha sauce? Tabasco sauce? Anything hot?
I'd mix the Rotel with the shredded chicken and cheese, season and roll up in tortillas, cover with another can of Rotel and top with more cheese. Kind of chicken enchiladas.
Zhizara said:
I'd mix the Rotel with the shredded chicken and cheese, season and roll up in tortillas, cover with another can of Rotel and top with more cheese. Kind of chicken enchiladas.


If you have cream cheese, neufchatel, or Velveeta, even better. Any cheese will work, though.

Rice would also be good, either on the side or rolled up in the tortillas along with the chicken mix. Rice mixed with the Rotel will work too. Sprinkle with a bit of the Mex blend.

You might notice I'm a fan of Rotel....
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Yeah! I like the cream cheese idea. I have everything except Rotel but I have diced stewed tomatoes and green chilis which ought to work.

I've got a few other meals planned, but I'm making a note on my "Try" list.
Says chicken quesadillas to me! You've got the chicken, the cheese and the tortillas.
I'd go with Connie's idea and put a tab or 2 of Rotel in there for some spice sounds yummy and quick and wont heat up the kitchen. Serve with some chopped lettuce and fruit of some sort, for salad and your done.

I took a little bit of everyone's suggestions I think! I'm calling it, "Quesadilla Casserole" and rice!

I put the chicken and some rotel in a skillet and put the stove on high, threw in some taco seasoning, and some butter (country crock, so margarine I guess?). I let all the juices evaporate (I assume they evaporated, there was no liquid left in the pan :P), and then decided to put in some cream cheese.

I didn't really know what to do next so I took it off the stove eye and came back to the forum. :P I saw Greg's post about taquitos, and decided to scramble some eggs and put those in there as well! I scrambled 3 eggs, put half in the chicken mix, and put the other half off to the side to add to some leftover brown rice later.

I got my tortillas out and asked my mom where she was keeping the stoneware (we moved kind of recently) and she gave me a mini baker. A whole tortilla would not fit... so I tore them in half! I put a little shredded cheese in the middle and then some of the chicken mixture and folded up the corners. I made about six of these (they reminded me of quesadilla slices, hence "quesadilla casserole") which filled up the mini baker, and then put rotel on top, and some cheese, then cilantro and garlic powder. Then I put it in the oven on 350 and waited for the cheese to melt!

While that was cooking I made my rice. I had a little of the chicken mixture left over in the skillet and added the leftover brown rice I had to the mix. Then I added more rotel, some garlic, some butter, and cilantro! Waited for the rotel juice to evaporate again and then took the skillet off the heat and added some cheese.

Mom and grandma said it was delicious. There was only one "quesadilla" left and all the rice was gone!

Thanks guys!
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