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Sep 3, 2004
RE: 'Stupid' questions

Gentle readers,

Please remember that there ARE no stupid questions here; we're such a mixed bag of folks, from beginners to professionals to has-been professionals to totally excellent home cooks, to bbq queens and bakers -

The absolutely wonderful thing about this forum is that anyone can ask anything, and get either a reasonable answer or a resource to find out on their own. I think (I hope) I speak for everyone here in saying that whatever your question is, if you've thought it, it's valid; if you want an answer, someone here will try to help you with it.

A reminder for all of you 'beginners'; we were ALL beginners once, and someone answered our questions - it helped get us to where we are today! So you're actually just giving us a chance to pass on and give back what we've received.:)
I agree and hope I wasn't a person who made anyone feel like they came up with a stupid question. If so, mea culpa. The only stupid question is the unasked one. We love beginners here, and I personally love it when someone asks me to help them establish their kitchen -- be it a young single just starting at his/her own first apartment, a newlywed, or often people who "discover" cooking after their fussy children leave home and rediscover romance and cooking in middle age. I often think I'd have been good at that much-maligned career field ... a home ec teacher (what do they call it now?). Oh, dear, another line entirely.
Being new here it is great to know that I won't be treated as stupid when I ask some questions that I think may sound trivial to others. Thanx guys.:)
To add to what marmalady said .... sometimes in sharing what we know, and looking for answers to things we don't know - we are reminded of things we forgot about - and have an opportunity to learn something new.

I learn something new here every day!
I know that my knowledge has certainly expanded by postings on this board, and I hope I can help others out too. Thanks so much for the post, Marmalady. PS - welcome, Fast Food - love the picture!
I hope it was not me, who made someone feel they asked a stupid question. If I have, I am sorry.
I'm glad everyone feels the same! CC, nobody said anything to anyone, I just noticed a few posts from some of our newbies that started with, 'stupid question, but ----', and I just wanted to reassure folks that whatever their question is, it'll get answered. We're -all of us - still learning! And ain't it fun!

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