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Nov 11, 2007
I was craving Mexican food and one of my favorites is 'Bistec a la Mexicano.'

I hammered this one hard!


Yeah, I wimped out and broiled it. Shoot me.

Simmer it all down until you like the texture and call it good. I added rehydrated ancho chilis to this one along with jalapenos, red and orange bell pepper, onions, and tomatos.

Plated with some Spanish rice and avocado.
Do look good. Now I neva heard of this stuff but think I ate a distant varian at a El Salvadore/Tex-Mex place where all the transplanted Purtoricans come to do the Salsa Dancing and discuss how many folks they killed in Purta Rica etc. The version I got tasted like somebody had simmered up cooked Fajita Meat in Pace Picante sauce. That must be how they like to eat in El Salvadore. I neva heard of any Tex Mex folks who eat stuff like that. Course I mostly just hung out on the border usually not too far from boys town. That back in the old shameful sinning days of course. Is that dish traditional in certain parts of Mejico etc? Or was is it like Fajitas which got invented back in the 80's by some homo sapien Chef over on Oaklawn in Dallas. It hard to figger this kinda stuff out sometimes. Thanks.

I think your real close BW. Fajitas have been around a long time. This probably was made up by some thrifty Tex Mex chef trying to figure out what to do with left overs and stretch the dollar.

What ever. I like it.
john pen said:
Looks good..What is the deal with the meat. What cut ect...

That meat is skirt steak that I get pre-marinaded at the local Mexican Grocery. I asked them what they use for the marinade and all I got was "No habla englez." What ever it is they mix it in a 5gal bucket and season up 100lbs at a time. At $4.00 per lb it sure hits the spot.

Normally I would flash fire this cut on a very hot grill but it is just too damn cold for this cajun!!

Anyway here is MY version of this dish. There are plenty out there if you Google it.

For the veggies and peppers I used orange and red bells, ancho, jalapeno, onions, and garlic.

Start with a little oil and sweat everything down. Grill then slice the skirt then throw it in with the other stuff. Pour in some tomatos from a can or chop a bunch up yourself and let it all simmer until you like the texture. I like it limp with no crunch left to the peppers.

For seasoning I used a splash or sour orange, cumin, anchiote powder, S&P, and some bay leaf, and a sprinkle of cilantro.

The avocado had a sprinkle of lime juice and some fresh cracked pepper.

The spanish rice was made using brown rice instead of white using the same method. Brown it a little first then add a dash of cumin, anchiote, and tumeric. Dump in your water and let it cook for 40 minutes then add in some canned corn.
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