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Oct 30, 2004
Was scouting around for something different to do with drumsticks besides Southern fried, and I made this one. They were tasty! I'm posting the original recipe, but I made some changes:

I didn't have any sherry so I used Marsala, IMO an improvement. I used Sugar Twin brown sugar, also an improvement, probably because of the added sweetness of the wine. And I didn't have a whole cup worth of garlic, so I made do with half a cup, and it worked fine, though I'd like to make it again with the cup of garlic. I also basted them once during the cooking.

Oriental Drumsticks

1/4 c Soy sauce
3 tb Brown sugar-dark brown
2 tb Lemon juice
2 tb Sherry
1 tb Salad oil
1 ts Ginger-ground
1/3 c Onions green-chopped
1 c Garlic-crushed
8 x Chicken drumsticks

In 9" baking dish combine all ingredients except drumsticks. Add
drumsticks turning to coat all sides. Cover and marinate in refrigerator 3 hours or overnight turning occasionally. Preheat oven to 350~. Bake uncovered 60-70 minutes or until drumsticks are tender, turning once.
:D Sounds good Cats.

Do you bake the chicken in the marinade or
drain it first?

And is it really one cup of garlic?? I love
garlic but one whole cup seems like a lot for
8 chicken legs.
No, it's a cup. The process of roasting un-garlics garlic. It comes out not at all like you would expect. But as I say, half a cup made for a good-tasting dish, if you want to restrict it.

And PD, yes, I marinated the drumsticks in the roasting pan (an 8x11 Pyrex dish) and stuck the whole thing as is in the oven, basting it once. It comes out kinda like oven-barbecued chicken, with the sauce.

i got sick of eating this lol. every single day my dad made this for me for like 3 months and i meant every single day lunch and dinner

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