Replacing Thai Chili Peppers to mild

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Apr 7, 2022
First time here, hoping for some help, ty all for your advice, and your criticism :chef::LOL:

I love my spicy food but don't like it to "hurt" so to speak lol, but I'm making some chili for a D&D group, but what I love is just a bit too much for the group I'm providing for, but they aren't opposed to spicy either lol

The Thai Peppers are definitely the "hottest" part of the recipe

Jalapenos are the first and foremost replacement I've found but the recipe already has jalapenos already in it

SO :chef:

A) Replace spicy Thai Peppers with mild? (banana peppers?)

B) Extra Jalapenos? (no extra spice, but no other flavor :ermm: )

C) Remove Thai / Replace with non-spicy "bell peppers, ect" (flavor but no spice :ROFLMAO: )
Welcome to the forum!

What kind of Thai recipes are you making? For Thai red curry pastes, I've found Numex mild to be the best tasting; dried Kashmiri peppers have a similar, and mild flavor. I usually add a dozen regular Thai peppers, but those are just for heat. For green peppers jalapeños add a totally different flavor, and serranos would be better, if you remove the seeds and veins. For fresh reds, what you said would probably be good, if you can find fresh ripe banana peppers, or if you grow them yourself.
Welcome to Discuss Cooking Telric420.

If you tell us where you live, it might be easier to suggest some peppers as substitution. The peppers easily available in different countries varies. How long before you make the chili for the D&D group? I ask, because a lot of dried peppers from exotic places are available online, but could take a while to arrive.
If they are referring to Thai Bird Peppers (red or green) - you could just reduce the amount you use.

I have found a lot of recipes will just say Thai peppers meaning the Bird peppers.

Jalapeno and Bird are the most I can take... although I'm starting to find issue with even those due to current health.

Almost forgot - instead of the peppers add some Harissa? That is certainly a different flavour profile.

and Welcome to DC, Telric420 from me too!
IMO Bird peppers dont belong in chili -- wrong flavor profile.

Since its chili, Id suggest adding some chipotles or chipotles in adobo sauce.

Or, Id leave out the bird peppers and serve the chili with a couple of bottles of interesting hot sauces.
Just leave them out ! Or to get more color use yellow,orange or red bell peppers...
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