Santa am I next?

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Feb 12, 2005
Pageland SC
I have decided next time I will throw my name and head into the hat for Santa next time he comes up for Election, Its only 100 year gig per term,
but after all My middle name is Moses. I know I am ready, Anyone willing to support me please be ready to vote as it is TBA when the future election is to be. :santa:

Merry Christmas :chef:

Track the big guy here !
Thank goodness I am a pretty good cookie baker and hot chocolate maker, since I will be Mrs. Claus!

there's no one i know who'd be a better santa than you, james. you've got my vote as well.

i also vote for andy for head elf.
No,no, no.

Seeing me in pointy little shoes and thights is more than the human mind can deal with. Let's not ruin everyone's holiday.

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