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Yeppers sure did become the proud owner of my 2nd electric model. I wasn't laughing at ya on the gassers. I use mine all the time. I dont like using it for long cooks cuz it goes through too much propane. Lady where I bought my latest one tole me a catering dude and dudette which me and her both know had bought 3 for his catering duties. Claims to love em. The latest one is still in the box. Just waiting to find an 11 year old kid who can figger out how to put it together.

Well good luck on the low and slow stuff. I aint a totally real high advocate of the practice. I am an old direct cooking S. Texas bohunk at heart gringo type fella. Lessen it cooked direct over hand shoveled mesquite coals I can't hardly eat it. Now slow is good in that configuration. My problemo at the present time here in the real world is to decide whether Kingsford tastes any mo betta than electricity. After many scientifical tests I am leaning toward favoring the theory that it dont. Whutcha think?

I think your on to something and they should change the rules in bbq comps. Yes. I went and got me one of those lectric smokers and I have found that it tastes EXACTLY like what you put in it to smoke with. Totaly controlable as far as adding taste to the food smoke wise.

Crap. I just agreed with BW. ;)
Well you is a smart feller indeedy to be finally agreeing with uncle bigwheel about something :shock: Since you such a smarty pants that means you prob got at least a few Texican genes and/or chromosomes floating around in ya somewhere. You is mighty fortunant :LOL:

Don't have a heart attack BW. I spent my first 42 years in Texass so, there.

Turns out I may be moving back there in a few months.............
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