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Jan 4, 2005
I want to throw out an offer to demonstrate how not being able to walk and flipping over in my chair
can take me from a 'healthy sitting position' to "oh shit I flipped".

Post your best idea a as a reply to this thread on how I can avoid this and I will post the
edited version.

This offer stands for the first five shots (one per person). I will share
exactly what I did so that you can repeat it.

Under the extreme circumstances I think it would have been understandable for you to let go of the beer can inorder to brace your fall. JMO. :shock:

Hope your ok Larry.
well, obviously from the pics you were drunk (the can in hand), you were nekked (nothing on but the towel. Oh thank God for the towel), and you were getting ready to cook something (hence the stuff on the grill in the background)

Why you flipped is simple physics. Your head is too damn large and it makes you top heavy, so any sudden movement in the forward direction will cause your front wheels to come off the ground and over you go.

..... note to self, don't eat anything else at Larry's house unless you see him cook it with all his clothes on........

anyway... to keep this incident from happening again, I would suggest that you stop drinking, have someone dress you properly, let someone else do the cooking, and either get some weight taken off that huge water head of yours and add some counter weights to the bottom of the chair.

or since you claim to have lost weight, your counterbalance has shrunk (your huge ass) so, like I said you need to either have some water taken off that huge head of yours or start eating again to regain your counterweight ass.

There. now, did I win the nobel prize for physics!
Fantastic Observation Gary!!

Now, to set the record straight, I had already put a pork loin on the grill. I had been working in the yard, cutting the grass, tending to the garden, etc. and was all sweaty and dirty. So after the loin went on the grill, I got naked and took a shower outside, since I have the privacy and it was hot as Uncle Bubbas ass during a New Kids On the Block Concert out. THEN I GOT DRUNK! LOL I did not handle any food while nekkid! I do have a little cooth.

Oh BTW, I don't claim to have lost weight, that right there is 230lbs of MAN right there! No shame in my game buddy, why don't YOU take a pick of yourself shirtless and lets compare! That is one pic that will need Patio's expertise at Photoshopping.
I'll keep it simple Larry, not some long drawn out rambling story.


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