Smoked Picnics

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Toby Keil

Executive Chef
Jan 15, 2008
Thousand Oaks, CA
We were running out of pulled pork so I decided it was time for more. A few months ago I bought two nice picnics and my wife was buggin me to get them out of the freezer so I kindly obliged. I also smoked a bone in turkey breast. I was battling the winds in SoCali but all in all it worked out and my WSM came through yet again. Below are the pics and not shown is the sausage I smoked, took it off early and chowed down :)

Pork shoulders.

Rubbed down with Wolfe that stuff. Thanks Larry!

I usually smoke pork at 225 but this time I let her hold and 250, they were done just before dark. My WSM doing what it does best...holding steady.

Turkey breast, I’ll slice thin for sammies.

One of the butts just off the smoker, the beer kicked in so this and the last pic are a bit

A big bowl O pork. I sealed it and froze for camping trips etc.
Looking good Sir. Fine job. We like those things cooked to still sliceable and served up like unsalty ham. In fact that is what we call it I For pushed pork think a butt mixed with pinic is just what the doctor ordered. Guess that's why the Lord gave some nice folks Full Shoulders. Have tried pushed picnics a few times. Struck me as being a bit overly
Looks great! I'm glad that you pointed out that the beer was affecting your camera hand. And not my eyes!

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