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Jan 9, 2010
Anacortes, WA
I want to get my mom some new mixing bowls. She currently has some unknown brand nesting set, white plastic w/handle & spout, and has/had a ring of rubber on the bottom. The plastic is starting to flake off, and some got into the CCC dough I made last time (I had to toss the dough).

I was thinking of this OXO one I saw at ACE Hardware, it was only a 3qt bowl, but was fully coated on the outside with black rubber (maybe silicone?) .. but it was $21.99..for one 3qt bowl. So I looked around , and OXO has a set of SS with only the bottom coated in rubber and the rest is white plastic.

Does anyone here have them? What are your comments on them? or What do you recommend?

ps - She/we wants high sided bowls, not the lowboy old school traditional kind, pref/ with rubber bottom.
I recommend sticking with either SS or glass bowls. Plastic is not a good idea. You should be able to find a set of wither for a reasonable price.

All my mixing bowls are SS. They are durable, unbreakable, oven-proof, dishwasher safe and non-reactive.

Not sure a brand name like OXO is necessary for SS bowls. I chose not to buy coated bowls myself. I don't think the added price is justified by the benefits yo may accrue from the coating. Just my opinion.
I have that exact same OXO set from Amazon and they're very nice. The stainless bowls themselves are of very good quality and the rubber bottoms keeps the bowls from slipping when mixing. Overall, very good.
But I must caution you that the outer plastic coating can melt if the bowl is placed too close to the flames of a stovetop, for instance. My wife did that and ruined the mid sized bowl so I ordered another replacement bowl from Amazon.

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