State Fair Pork-Burgers and more

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Old Dave

Senior Cook
Mar 29, 2009
One of the best bargains in meat right now is the Pork Butt and in most areas, it can be purchased for about $1.19 to $1.29 a pound. There are many things a fellow can do with this great piece of meat. From just plain pulled pork, to sliced pork, to many kinds of jerked pork, to Western or country ribs, and more. Then it can also be ground and this opens up many new possibilities. Breakfast sausage, Italian sausage, many kinds of stuffed link sausage, and a couple of my favorites are the State Fair Pork-burgers and Bratwurst sandwich patties.


I start by getting the grinder out and set it up for my pork.


I then cut up about 16-1/2 pounds of pork from a couple of pork butts into some big strips that will fit the grinder.


Run it thru the grinder along with some thick cut smoked bacon.

Once my meat is ground, I then mix in some crushed garlic, some Worcestershire sauce, a little dried basil, a little diced onion, a pinch or two of seasoning, and some Lipton dry onion soup mix. This will be some fine tasting Pork-burger.


This is my 16 pounds of Pork-burger meat ready to be made into patties or frozen in 2 pound packages for later use.


Rolled my little Char-Broil 500X out to the cooking patio and fired it up with some lump charcoal. I set the cooker up with the right side direct and the left side indirect for this cook. I like to sear stuff at the tip of an open charcoal or wood flame for a few minutes on each side and then finish up on the indirect side of the cooker.


Along with my Pork-burgers, I had some other items to cook and I started out with 10 one quarter pound thick burgers.


Next up was the 1/3rd pound Pork-burgers.


Also did 4 of those huge skin on bone in chicken breasts.


Had the fire going so might as well do some dogs.


Chicken looked good coming off the cooker.


Cooked the big pork burgers to about 160 degrees internal and they are ready for the sandwich.


The sandwich served at the State Fair has a steamed bun and they do not dress the sandwich except for a slice of dill pickle. I like to spread on a light layer of Miracle Whip, the add some lettuce, tomato, thin slice of onion or serve with green onions.


I am just not sure there is a better sandwich out there!! Juicy, flavorful, make you want to throw rocks at a standard burger sandwich.
Looks mighty yummy. I got addicted to pork burgers early when I ordered a hamburger at a Mom n Pop restaurant early on morn. Pop say I aint geared up for cooking burgers but I can make you one out of a big sausage patty. Best dang burger I ever
Looks good Dave. One of my favorites is to buy Polish sausage and gut them, and form the meat into patties.
I bust open the Eyetalian version when making my grand prize winning noo yawk city meat balls..if they aint peddling any in bulk. Other than that..folks tend to take a lot of time to poke all that stuff down in the gut..and here go folks busting it open..poor sausage Hey now..whilst you have the Polish variant laid out..add some salt and pepper etc. That stuff is way too bland for me. Those Eastern Europeans must be allergic to spicy They need to make hot links.
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