Strange Caesar salad tonight

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Jan 7, 2010
went to a french restaurant in downtown Toronto tonight. I really wanted a salad with dinner and ordered a caesar. I was not thrilled with the price....$10.75.

So the salad shows up. and as my mouth dropped open I was a little upset. It was two..thats right two nice crisp romain leaves with caesar dressing poured on top and a little parmesan grated also.on the sides were two small gatherings of panceta.

I had to use a knife and fork to eat it and although it was good I felt a little ripped off. I then had the rabbit sausage with mushrooms a brie rissoto which was very good.
I don't know about the pancetta, but yes the original used the whole smaller center leaves and you picked them up with your fingers to eat them.
The salad sounds about right - just too tiny and expensive. Have you considered contacting the restaurant about your concern?

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