Substitution for Madeira

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Sous Chef
May 7, 2006
Northwest Florida
I'm making a prune walnut bread that requires soaking the prunes overnight in madeira. What I have on hand is sherry. Is this a suitable sub?
I think it will be nice, but Madeira goes really well with prunes. Oh dear, I'm getting a craving for my favourite chocolate and I can't it get here. It's a Madeira soaked prune surrounded by marcipan and then dipped in chocolate. :pig:
JG sherry or port should be ok.
Tax at chrimbo I stuff prunes and dates with M/pan then dip in choc, I love M/pan and never thought to do it your way.
I'm just thinking about making them the same size as large chicken egg for next week, thank you for the tip mate:)
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