Sunday Dinner - 10/2

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Dec 20, 2005
southeastern pa.
Red Meat Sunday ;
Grilled Rib Eye
Teriyaki Rice
Green Beans & Corn

Rib Eye, Grilled 10-2-22.JPG
Since DH cooked last night, the kitchen was a disaster area. I did what I could last night. But, by the time I had gotten the kitchen into a state that was inviting for cooking in today, I was exhausted. So, we ordred pub food.

I had a hamburger steak with vegis (ho hum) and a baked potato. The caramelized onions and gravy on the hamburger steak was quite tasty. DH had fish and chips.
Mr bliss had a slice of sweet potato, potatoes, corn, vegan home made turkey, and mushroom gravy.
I had a baked potato, delicata squash, and corn. Red bean brownies and date-pear-raisin-oat cookies, for after.
My son made some pretty good chili, slow slow cooked in the instapot. The texture was perfect, meaty, thick with just the right amount of beans, tomato, and onions. For me, I would ha e added more chili powder, cumin, and a bit of çocoa powder. DIL made fresh bread. Iove chili. It was a treat.

Seeeeya; Chièf Longwind of the North.

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