Sunday supper, 2024 June 16

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Sep 13, 2010
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What did you have for your evening meal?

I made a large salad of lettuce, a bit of cabbage, carrot, sliced cucumber, and radishes. I dressed it with a quick creamy dressing put together out of mayo and my batch vinaigrette and a bit of Worcestershire sauce. I cut up one of the leftover Italian sausages and added a bit of feta. I had a piece of rugbrød with butter too. That hit really the spot.

Salad with Italian sausage, feta, and rugbrød.jpg
Bro made a beautiful salad with a side of Sweet Potato Fries and a grilled chunk of salmon.

Bro has become an excellent cook with a few directions from his wife. She's been in a wheelchair for 5 years now since her stroke and then subsequence heart attack (while in the hospital - good place to be if your going to have one!).
Tovala meals. Andouille and jambalaya for Craig. Mushroom risotto, with some extra mushrooms, plus roasted broccoli for me. Made some mini loaves again.

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