Supper Saturday, 12-10-2022

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Jul 21, 2009
Home again in Ohio!
Top round was on sale for only $2.99 this week. I couldn't resist. Seared it in my Staub braiser to have some fond. Roasted it in the toaster oven, convection setting. Meanwhile, I sautéed mushrooms in the braiser and made the gravy, cooked green beans, made potato patties from yesterday's leftover mashed, and prepped zucchini to roast/broil while the roast rested. Sunday dinner on Saturday night!


What was your supper tonight?
A naked burger on a plate, baklava, and a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey.
The place I get my produce basket gives a gift when you order at least $100 worth of stuff (Canadian dollars, ~USD75). One week, our gift was some frozen pork and coriander dumplings. I finally tried them tonight. I made some dipping sauces: soy ginger sauce, nước chấm, and nước chấm me (with tamarind instead of lime). I cheated and used some tamarind sauce instead of doing the whole hot water and tamarind paste thing. I didn't add the garlic or chile. I put that on the table, so we could each add as much as we wanted. I served it with a salad and the cumin potatoes that @blissful recommended. I used fingerling potatoes. They were good and will be made again. We will also be ordering those dumplings in the near future.


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