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Mar 25, 2008
I drink tea almost all day, all different kinds, and more in winter.
Right now I have homemade tea bags of a higher quality green tea, and some inexpensive bought green tea bags. I like them both for different tastes.
Black tea
White tea (which isn't white)
Oolong tea

If I buy the tea leaves then I make them into tea bags with coffee filters. https://www.thc.texas.gov/public/up...sons/week_8/How To Make Homemade Tea Bags.pdf
I have a fine tea strainer but I prefer the bags lately.

I dehydrate certain herbs/flowers/leaves and then make herbal teas.
Blackberry or raspberry leaves
lemon balm
yarrow flowers and leaves
I also like ground up dehydrated citrus fruit slices to add to the tea bags.
I use star anise, ceylon cinnamon, cloves, and cardamon.
At least once a month sometimes more often I make tea bags in different combinations so I have a choice of flavors.

I haven't taken time to put strings and labels on the tea bags themselves. I just put them in canisters and put a label on the canister so I know what they are.

Any other tea drinkers here? What is your favorite?
i drink a cup of cold tea just about every day at work. I get tea bags cheaply at Trader Joe or Target. I like something with a little bite to it like orange or pumpkin flavor with ginger or turmeric.
I drink the basic $2.49/100 bag supermarket black tea.

I’ve experimented with various brands looking for a super strong variety with little success. As the strength and price go up the value, for me, goes down.

I used to enjoy Bigelow’s Constant Comment.

I get similar results by adding a piece of dried orange or tangerine peel and a few whole cloves to the pot.

I’ve become the old person that makes a pot of tea, has a cup or two, and puts the pot into the refrigerator for a glass of iced tea later in the day. 🤭

I was getting super inexpensive green tea that tasted good from Target, (@HeyItsSara ) but this last time I wanted some they weren't keeping it in stock. So I had to search around for it.
@Aunt Bea I like the store brand too, but my regular grocery store wasn't carrying the normal stuff. I went back to salada brand that I recall drinking in canada when I was there.
I've spent money on better teas but often it is disappointing as you said.
I found a matcha tea I really liked the taste of but it gave me such a buzz I couldn't drink it and gave it away.
I'm always on a quest for another good flavor of tea.
I drink iced tea year 'round - some black or oolong type, almost always flavored with something. While my mints are growing, starting in May, I add spearmint to black tea or oolong, and sometimes I mix some Thai tea mix with half black of oolong. Sometimes I add a small amount of chai masala powder to black tea, and sometimes some dried tangerine or orange peel to the spices. I don't drink a lot of hot tea - darjeeling is one black one I like, and I like oolongs, with a little honey. Most green (and white) teas don't have much flavor, but I do like some panfired and gunpowder varieties, as they tend to be more flavorful. Lapsang souchong I use for an ingredient - for the smoke flavor in it.
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