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Oct 21, 2018
Southern IN
Hello (if you do not want to read the whole explanation just see the end)

I would like to try Terrine as it is something I have never had and I am the type to make "test dishes" using cheaper methods and making it as good as possible, without spending a lot on something I may find disgusting.

Here is a list of the veggies I am putting in... Roasted cabbage, sun dried tomatoes, roasted carrots and roasted red bell pepper.

I would prefer to make a true stock that has enough collagen in it to gel, but as I may well be turned off by the texture. I do not wish to spend the money to buy what I need to make it and end up wasting money.

So what I am going to try is using unflavored gelatin, store bought chicken stock and amping it up with a mire-pox.

I have googled using stock/chicken stock in gelatin with no help from google. I just keep getting "my stock turned to gel, is it safe to use" results.

So pretty much I need some help in making the gelatin using chicken stock. I have never used plain gelatin and only made pre-flavored jello, so I am unsure if substituting stock will even work. I have found recipes that use fruit flavorings in unflavored gelatin, but as this will be chicken stock will it even work? I do not think it would be an issue, but I would hate to waste ingredients.
You can buy gelatin at the bulk food stores here..So, if you have one near you, you can literally buy a few tablespoons of the stuff if you want..subbing a stock will work, although, it may be cloudy, so it will affect the appearance of you final product..
Check out aspic recipes, as they use savory stocks liquids mixed with gelatin..it may give you a better idea of what is possible..good luck..post some photos..
Thanks, did not think of looking it up as aspic :)

While appearance may be affected, I will look at the flavor as it is a just a test to see if making a good one will happen...

I will post a pic or two when I make it

And a secondary thanks as chicken stock aspic is an ingredient in another dish I wanted to try. The two dishes did not even connect in my head, as I was focused on this one...
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small terrine



Well it is different, kind of like eating cold soup. Not going onto the menu, but I can say I have had it before now.
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